Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Create Page On Blog

Now day, Design And Creating The Page's On The Blog Is Much Easier Than Early Time.

There are many relevant "Page Of Name" can be creative.

The "Page Name" normally meet at Internet can be :

* About Us / About Me
* Products
* Contact
* Advertise
* and many more.

Depending on what of the Content Of The Blog you are purposely for. But as today Blogger's, you should highly consider to create an "About Us / Me" Page, which can make your blog more engaged for Visitor's. Read More The Right Post To Learn About How SEO And Optimization Your Blog Article Post Title On Blogspot (also is Blogger).

Here Is The Step How Create, Design, Position Of Navigation :

- following step are better work for "Template Designer", if you are used Custom Template, Classic Template, you should need some HTML skill and code to done used for Horizontal Page Navigation Tab.

1.) Log in to your Blog Dashboard
2.) Click Edit Post Tab When You At Main Dashboard OR...
3.) Click Posting Tab When You Go Through Tab Board
4.) Under Edit Post / Posting Tab, Click Edit Pages
5.) Click New Page Button
6.) Name The Page You Want Created For...
7.) Click "Publish Page" Button
8.) Now, If You Are First Time Create The Page Navigation, There Will Have Two Option For Choose, Either Put At "Top Of Page" OR "Left / Right Side Of Page".

TIPS you should know :
* You are not recommended to create, then delete page, then create again for same name, if yes, your second page name should be look like this, e.g "Hello_ _Me_15" at the url link.

* We can any time to change the POSITION of Navigation Page Tab At Your Blog (At Design Tab Dashboard), Used Drag & Drop.

* When you drag & drop the Page Tab from Top Bar to Side Area, it will auto design it to "List Page"

* We can create 10 different page's name on your blog.

After we done to create the several page's name, we can control it by "Page Widget"

* We can find Page Widget on "Dashboard - Design - Page Element", you can see "Page" bar on your  "Add and Arrange Page Elements" dashboard.

* Click "Edit" which appear at right hand side on the Page Bar

* Make sure you have TICK "Automatically Add New Pages When They Are Published"

* You can decided whether TO SHOW or NOT SHOW on that page at your blog

* You can used mouse to Drag & Drop at "PAGE ORDER" column, arrange it by accordingly as you want.

The idea on About Page basically can be categories as :
* About Us - This talk about what is this blog, and what are this blog providing and purposely.

* About Me - This tell to visitor's who are the owner on this blog about more information and background etc

Basically, what should to be mention on About Page:

* Objective : Simply, easy understand what are the main purpose on this blog and used for.

* Logo / Trademark : If you are company, team, organization

* Photo : if you are personal, or listed about the owner on this blog if you have several on this company etc.

* Simple Contact : You can listed some very simple contact details, if more, then create other page name "Contact"

* More Than Objective :
We also can write about this Blog (your company etc) vision, mission, and why should be more keep in touch.

Create An Page's On Your Blog To Make It Like Website, Not Just Blogging, Visitors Are Looking For About, Product, FAQ, Contact Page Name.

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