Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blog Domain Name

Generate Your Blog Domain Name

The Best & Unique Blog Domain Name Can Easy Attractive For Visitor's Easy Remember About You.

Your Blog Domain Username Must Relevant & Relative To Your Whole Blog Content Article & Layout For Future SEO Proper Optimized.

Concept, Think, Write, Selection Your Best Suite To Your Blog Domain Name (also is your blog username or keyword for relevant search).

No Idea For Your Free Blog Domain Username? Don't Worry, just think :
* What is main purpose and key on article on your this blog

* If you are not into business, you can used your own personal full name or nickname of instead.

* There also can be your company name, industry, business categories, products and services name, and trademark or slogan on it.

* Or used the alternative or own create idea on domain name, such as our "AgatAds is short word from full name of "Advanced Global Advertise Technology Automated Design System".

Before You Start Create And Register, avoid this :
* Do not too long on the domain name. (4 to 17 characters should be ok)

* If too long, then prefer on your Personal Full Name or Nick Full Name.

* REMEMBER, your blog content article MUST higher Relevant to your Blog Username. Such as, your Blog Domain Name is "MySalon", but your blog content over 30% are talk not relative to "Salon" thing.

If your Blog Domain Username are no any meaning (from your language dictionary), do not worry, because your Blog Description or Meta Description, Keyword, Title will help your this blog for higher top ranking...if your content article are all original writing without any copy and paste from other.

Plus you are active and frequently update your new blog post for publishing.

So before start do anything for your blog setup, try to write down all the Keyword you are looking for, and try search it at Search Engine (you can get more idea from result), then do more comparison, and final just decided which one of them you are prefer to used.

Are you ready for basic preparation, if yes now we go to other other post called "Free Blog - Choose The Best Free Blog Platform".