Saturday, November 13, 2010

Idea Blog

Your Idea On Blog For Setup

IDEA : Imagines What The Concept Of Images For Object You Are Looking For Your Blog...

Before starting to create your first or other new blog, keep in your mind, what the MAIN for this blogging you want to talk, share, guide and so on.

[Agatads : Is my other blog to share and talk about how to setup, design, customized, article writing, optimized, promoting for our blog, increase traffic and monetized of your blog. If you are Blogger's Newbie, you can find out a lot tips and guideline how to start-up for your own blog.]

Blog Platform, before your decision of selection. REMEMBER, whether you are Website Owner or Blogger's and you think yourself can be work on PROFESSIONAL or Intermediate/Beginner/New. If you are looking for anything features is FREE and easy for Blog Monetization then "Google Blogger" is highly recommended to used.

Write the ARTICLE is the basic key on the work for your blog, the Title, Description, Content, Keywords are most four basic principle you need to know before you are write something for your new post publishing.

And try used your OWN LANGUAGE (without any copy and paste from other part on Internet) of any article you are try to writing, the SEARCH ENGINE are prefer and more likely on the Original Article Publishing.

On Design, there are not much difficult and complicated to do it since now day most of Blog Platform will provided you the well done templates, widgets, layouts, gadgets etc. Except you are trying more ADVANCED than other, but you need some HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XHTML knowledge and on used.

Custom On Blog, do more pretty and niche layout for your Blog, easy find out the post title and related article, know more about you, any contact of you etc, create categories each of your posting content. Choose the best color to match for your templates and add the widgets / gadgets for more attractive etc.

Optimizing, if you are looking to used to Blog to Earn Online Money, then it is much important that you need to know how to used and control about it on your whole blog design and content. The KEYWORDS is basic on Optimized, proper and relevant Content Keywords will increase your Ads Income, Good Niche Content will increase of buying sales on Affiliate Link, Quality (mean everything your own writing) Content Article will attractive Visitors become as Social Readers come and come for your other new article.

Promoting, keep in different to promote your blog url, and subit your sitemap with Google Webmaster, and don't forgot to PINK your Blog too, and other way of Internet Marketing Submission.