Sunday, November 14, 2010

Free Blog

Find The Best Free Blog Platform - 2010 Novemeber

You Can Get Few Top Rated BLOG PLATFORM On Search Engine Result.

Our Team Are Recommended You Used Blog*spot (also is Google Blogger) is free blogging come with a lot features, well done template for selection, custom your blog template layout and appearance with Template Designer.

Plus It Is Easy And Simple To Setup, And You Also Can Easily Integrated With Other Google Products With One Google Account.

Before we go through more deep on guideline and case study...

If you already have Google Gmail Account then just skip for creating account, or not you must go create one Google Account at here. (save all your register information on your safe work place)

Then go to Google Blogger and log in with your unique Username and Password

At your dashboard :
* click "Create A Blog" on your top right hand side.

* At Blog Address (URL) field, type the "KEYWORD / USERNAME" that you are prefer to register on your blogging (choose best blog domain / keyword on your blog read more), then click "Check Availability" whether are used / registered by other Blogger's

* At Blog Title, just type same as the Username you are given on URL.

* You must type the "word verification" to continue register your this blog.

Now you can either continue to post your first Article on your this New Blog Register, or you can instantly CUSTOM your Blog with Template Designer.