Monday, December 20, 2010

Blogger SEO Post Title

Changing To Right Way To Optimizing Your Blog (Blogspot, Aka Blogger) On Search Engine Result, And Higher Ranking Position.

This article are assume that you are not used and enable "Label (tag)" and only 1 post per page setting

Finally, create an "About Page" on your Blog are highly recommended. This are one better way for human (your visitor's) know more about you such as who are you, what you doing and providing, related social link such as twitter, facebook etc. Read here for more information about this related "Create Page On Blog".

The Right Post To Learn About How SEO And Optimization Your Blog Article Post Title On Blogspot (also is Blogger)

Now, Log In To Your Blogger Account, follow below step : (this step only valid working for New, Classic Blogger Template)

1.) At Dashboard
2.) Find Design Tab
3.) Click "HTML Template"
4.) First, click "Download The Full Template" (this for backup purpose, in-case any accidental)
5.) Now, at your Template area, find out exactly below line code

It should be find out Line 9, if you are used the latest Blogger Designer Template
6.) Copy Below SEO Optimized Code and Replace With "Line Code" At Above Step You Find Out

If you are 100% correct DONE on Step 5 and 6. You won't get any error come out.

TIPS : You can change to any Word or Characters Between on this both :
With One Of Following
7.) Save Template, and now see what have been change on your Post Title - Blog Name

Now, your Overall at Head HTML Template SHOULD look like this :

Now Your Blog Post Will Be Show On First, Blog Name On Second

Before Changing
This is bad post title for Search Engine Result :
AgatAds - Blogger SEO Post Title

After Changing
This is better way for SEO Optimized Result :
Blogger SEO Post Title - AgatAds

On this way, we are to make sure that the Post Title (characters) are seen by any Search Engine (especially by Google).

Only Changing Correct SEO Title Are Not Enough, Make Sure Every Post Title Characters Maximum Is 80 (recommended). Used this Online Malaysia Webmaster Character Tool to count how many character you are enter.

After perform SEO Optimization for Your Blog Title, you also need to know :
* Create An About Page On Blog
* The blog posting must be consistent, and more than 50 quality article are highly recommended.
* All must original content without duplicate from other (copy and paste 100%) at web.
* Do not too many same keywords on per post.
* Used several Meta Tag on Blog
* Submit your blog sitemap to several search engine
* Ping your blog to several quality Blog Pinger
* Submit your blog to Directory, Ezine, Newsletter, Email Signature, Post Link, Profile etc.

Remember, customize your Blog Template will bring you an unique style, and therefore optimize it at Search Engines which to drive more Traffic (visitor's)

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